Why was Realign created? 

Realign was created to better serve the needs and expectations of our Santa Barbara Area Real Estate clients.  The Real Estate Industry is changing.  The advances in technology and the growing amount of information accessible to consumers will lead to new business models.  Realign is poised to be flexible and creative in this changing environment.

Is Realign a discount brokerage? 

No, Realign is a Full-Service Brokerage in Santa Barbara County.  We are able to pass savings on to our clients by utilizing leading-edge technologies, syndication, virtual offices, digital execution, tested relationships, and efficient business modeling.

Can I really save money when buying or selling with Realign? 

Yes. We are equipped with the ability to determine the cost of our services based on the needs/expectations of each individual client, and the complexity/price of each transaction (for sellers, we encourage MLS cooperation with the buyer’s agent at “standard of practice” commission rates).  

How do I receive these savings with Realign? 

For sellers, we determine our fees or commission rate prior to taking the listing, and this is drawn up in a Listing Agreement.  For buyers, you will receive a credit at close of escrow (the maximum allowable credit may be determined by actual closing costs and/or lender guidelines).